Vol. 4 Issue 5 (May)

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1 Feminist Perspectives in Public Administration: A Critical Appraisal Bobby Sorokhaibam
2. Creating World Citizens through Creative Digital Teaching of Romantic Poetry Dr Savita Singh
3. Conflict between Ethical and Unethical Attitude in Aravind Adiga’s The White Tiger Dr. Qamar Talat & Mrs. Geeta Kirit Mithiya
4. Emotional and Intellectual Appeal in Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman Arpana Gaur
5. Depiction of Women-Plight in Jyoti Lanjewar’s Poem ‘Mother’ Dr.M.S.Vimal
6. Impact of Archaeology on Indian Culture Dr. Angad Singh Dohare
7. Problem of Identity in Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman and All My Sons Rachna Rathore
8. The metaphor of self in autobiographical writings - A study Dr. A.V.S. Jaya Annapurna
9. The Absence of Tragedy in Kalidas’s “AbhijanaSakuntalam” Dr. Savita
10. Adaptation Of Ancient Indian Mythology For Business Management By Devdutt Pattanaik Hemlata Tapaswi
11. Water Utilization Of Tapi River In Maharashtra State: A Geographical Analysis Dr. Prasanna Suresh Deshmukh
12. Socio-Economic Characteristics of Woman Self Help Groups in Ratnagiri District Dr. Sawant Waman Vyankatesh
13. Growth and Constraintsof Start Up in India Dr. Geetika T. Kapoor
14. Prospects of Human Development Dr. V. S. Kshirsagar
15. A Survey Study With Respect To Rural Girls Maturation Level Between Diffrent Age Groups Pallavi Shrikant Deshmukh
16. पान उत्पादक किसानो में उद्यमशीलता का अध्ययन – छतरपुर जिले के विशेष सन्दर्भ में डॉ. भरत लाल चौरसिया
17. भारतीय डायस्पोरा में प्रचलित धार्मिक एवं लोकप्रिय संप्रदाय डॉ. मुन्नालाल गुप्ता
18. Growing Importance Of Emotion Quotient (Eq) In Todays Business World Prof. Yogita Sawant
19. मनरेगातील महिलांचा सहभागाचा अभ्यास वैशाली मारोतराव भोजने
20. Bhardwaj’s Omkara: Study Of Contemporary Shakespearean Act In North Indian Locale Focusing On Individual, Society And Infamous Politics Ranbeer Kumar
21. Manhattan Transfer: Its Narrative Technique And Tracing The Protagonist / Ranbeer Kumar