Vol. 4 Issue 6 (June)

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1 English Language Learning and Acquisition through Technology: Professors’ Perceptions Prof. U. Ganeshkumar & Prof. S.A. Harish Rajaraman
2 The World in Ecocriticism with Special Reference to Mahasweta Devi’s “Little Ones” G.Loganayaki & Dr. B. Krishnamurthy
3. Burhan Wani: The Icon Of Popular Culture For Kashmiri Youth Aejaz Ahmad Malla
4 The Portrayal of Social Movements in the Novels of R.K. Narayan and Pannalal Patel Dr. Bhagvanbhai H. Chaudhari
5 Quest for Identity in Manju kapur’s Novel, Difficult Daughters Manzoor Ahmad Wani
6 Interpersonal bonds vis-à-vis kin formation and familial relations in Indian subcontinent: A Critical Study Rachit Kumar
7 Effective Classroom Management as a Curricular Reform in Higher Education Scenario: A Study in the context of Selected Classroom Situation Pranami Bania
8 Transforming Power of Ritual: From Mortal to Goddess PatronizingKumari Worship in Nepal Prerna Pradhan
9 Inclusiveness of Indian Constitution and Politics of Exclusion Santhosh J.
10 Race, Class and Gender: Complex Paradigms of African American Families in Gloria Naylor’s The Women of Brewster Place and Linden Hills Somya
11 Rewriting the Sita myth in Anita Desai’s novel Where Shall We Go This Summer Meera Mathews
12 Marginalization: A Study of Mahasweta Devi’s Bayen Sameer Ahmad Dar
13 Refugee Diaspora and Problematic Nationality and Ideology in Viet Thanh Nguyen’s The Sympathizer Dr.Pratima Das
14 Race and Human Relations in Richard Wright’s Uncle Tom’s Children Borase Dinesh Raghunath
15 Socio-Economic Impact of Micro Financing on Woman Self Help Groups in Ratnagiri District Dr. Sawant Waman Vyankatesh
16 Need of Human Resource Development Dr. V.S. Kshirsagar
17 Hidden Emotions: A Study of the Select Works of Swami Vivekanand Amol Soley & Dr. Archana Agrawal
18 Big Data: Concept, Dimensions and Salient Areas of Application Miss. Sneha Kotawadekar
19 Assessment of Biodiversity in Reserve Forest near Kumbhalgarh Fort Dr Ashwani Arya
20 Towards a lexicon for Dissent: Hind Swaraj and the discursive domain of Satyagraha Disha Pokhriyal
21 India Under Emergency: Rich Like us Nayantara Sahgal Nigeenah Hassan
22 Ambivalence in V S Naipaul’s The Mystic Masseur Reshma Rabbani & Dr Savita Singh
23 Performativity in Arun Kolatkar’s Jejuri Disha Pokhriyal
24. लोकसाहित्य के विविध रूप डॉ.जयंत डी. बोबडे
25. चारुवाक कथाकाव्य : संक्षिप्त परिचय मोहम्मद अली
26. Advance Study Courses In Library And Information Science In Higher Educaton Prof.Sudhakar S. Kamble
27. A Study of Legal Provisions for the Protection of Women Workers under Labour Legislation in India Kiran Prakash Bhalerao & Miss Sheetal Prakash Bhalerao
28. The Apprentice - Joshi’s Postcolonial Concern for the Education of the Youth of India Dr. Krushna Chandra Mishra
29. भारत नेपाल संबध एक भू-सामरिक विश्लेषण डॉ. विष्णू कान्त शर्मा
30. माहिती साक्षरता अतुल दत्तू जगताप
31 पर्यावरण संवर्धनासाठी जागतिक प्रयत्न डॉ. तोळमारे एस. एस.
32. समकालीन हिंदी कविता में सामाजिक चेतना प्रा.डॉ.जयंत बोबडे
33. हिन्दी साहित्य में स्त्री विमर्श : समकालीन कहानियों के संदर्भ में प्रा. स्मिता मिस्त्री
34. माताप्रसाद के नाटक ‘ अछुत का बेटा ‘ में दलित – चेतना धामणगावकर विजयकुमार किशनराव
35 आदिवासी समाजाच्या विकासातील समस्या डॉ. वाल्मिक दगडू परहार
36 Diaspora and Psychological confrontation amidst the essence of Nationalism in Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni’s children story Neela: Victory Song Dr. Bishakha Mandal
37 Assessment of Biodiversity in the forests of Bagaycha block, Kushalgarh range,District- Banswara. Dr Ashwani Arya