Vol. 5 Issue 1 - 2018

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1 A Structural Analysis of Jhumpa Lahiri s This Blessed House G. Sathya & Dr. S. Barathi
2. Motherhood as a Catalyst in the identify formation reflected in Booker T. Washington’s Up from Slavery and Barack Obama’s Dreams from My Father: A Narrative of Heritage and Optimism Mr. Ashok Chikte & Dr. D. N. More
3 Understanding the Role of Public Administration in Implementing Action on Social Determination of Public Health Dr.Santosh B.Kurhe
4 Problems and Expectations of Farmers Related to Adoption of Innovative Agricultural Practices in Kolhapur District Dr. Dinesh S. Mashrankar
5 Great Kalam.. Transformation From Scholar To Philosopher Dr. Anshu Rupainwar
6 A Sociological Concerns Of The Problems Of The Elderly And Social Security Measures Dr. (Mrs.) G. Vijayeshwari Rao
7 Empowerment Of Women Through Education And Generel Awarness Dr. C.C. Handa & Dr. Satish Mewada
8 Information Consolidation: An Overview Ravindra A. Lathkar
9. Beckett’s Waiting For Godot And The Tradition Of The Theatre Of The Absurd Dr. Bhagvanbhai H. Chaudhari
10. Unaccustomed Earth: Thematic Paradigms And Stylistic Devices Dr. Ram Lakhan Dhakar
11. Re-inventing and Re-vitalizing Knowledge through Performance: A Study of Theatre Forms of Kerala Soumya
12. Relationship between Language and Society in Shakespeare’s Othello Steffi Mac
13 Saffron Cultivation: Area, Production and Productivity in District Pulwama (J&K) Ajaz Ahmad Dass & Dr. Sneha v Deshpande
14. Ashif Currimbhoy s The Miracle Seed : A Satirical Look At The Great Indian Politics And Its Impact On The Lives Of Farmers Amarnath K R & Babu G
15. The Biblical Contents of John Milton’s Paradise Lost: A Critical Study with Particular Reference to Books I and II Sahabuddin Sk
16 Awareness of low cost Weaning to combat malnutrition, one of the major aspect of povertyin India Ms Don Sana Irfan & Ms Farid Oneza Tanveer
17 Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni s ‘What the Body Knows’: A Narratological analysis ala Gerard Genette K. Abirami, Dr. S. Barathi & Dr. B. Krishnamurthy
18. Woman in the works of Amrita Pritam and Dalip Kaur Tiwana: Struggle for Liberation from Gendered Identities Reetu Aggarwal
19. Biodiversity Of Zooplanktons In Nagapur Dam Near Parli – Vaijnath, Maharashtra, India Vidya D Gulbhile
20. The Importance Of Biodiversity To Human Health Vidya D. Gulbhile
21 भारतीय रोजगार स्थिती आणि वास्तव प्रा. आनंद आंबेकर
22 संसदीय गरिमा पर उठते सवाल - एक विश्लेषण डॉ. श्रीमती कल्पना वैश्य
23 महिलाओ के उत्थान में डॉ. आंबेडकर का योगदान डॉ. विभा वासुदेव
24 पश्चिम खानदेशातील आदिवासी (भिल्लांची) लोकगीते डॉ. एम्.बी. धोंडगे आणि प्रा. आर. एम. आहिरे
25. बहिणाबाईचे ‘मन’ विषयक चिंतन ! डॉ.दत्ता रु. शिंदे
26 जगदीशचंद्र के उपन्यासों में चित्रित दलितो की समस्याएं डॉ. ए. सन्यासि राव