Vol. 2 Issue 2 (February)

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1 Discourses of Nuptial Dilemma in Roots and Shadows: A Critique Dr. Nustaran Bano
2. Chaucer and Beyond: Portraits of the Church’s decline and the rise of the State Ashwin Bajaj
3. An Examination of Bourdieu’s Methodology Labanya S. Unni
4. Conflict between the Traditional and the Modern: A Study of the Lost Characters in R.K.Narayan’s Novels Dr.Amrita Shashi
5. Orestes: The Changing Nature of Tragedy Tannu Sharma
6. Woolf: Getting Closer to Reality Anirudh Karnick
7. Backward Classes Movement in Bengal Sanjoy Sana
8. Impact of World Trade Organization on Foreign Trade in India Sanjiv Singh
9. Importance of Innovative Teaching Dr. Sadhana Agrawal
10. A Geographical Study of Irrigation Water Storage in Jalgaon District Mr. Prasanna Suresh Deshmukh
11. “ Importance of Physical Educattion for Girl and Women ” Ranjana Adkine ( Bhosle) & Dr. Sangawar S. A.
12. Mahila Apradh Ek Kunthit Mansikta Dr. Usha Agraval
13 Baudh Dharma Darshan Me Amrapali ki Diksha- Ek samikshatmak Abhyas Dr. Ramhet Gautam