Vol. 3 Issue (December Special)

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1 Culture Expression In Humanities Dnyaneshwar D. Banasode
2 Tax Reforms As A Vehicle Toward Sustainable Development Dr. Arvind W. Ubale
3. Impact Of Ayurveda Tourism Prof. Vandana R. Benke
4. The Changing Traits in Accounting – Emergence of Environmental Accounting Dr. (CA) Minaxi A. Rachchh & Dr. S.T. Gadade
5 Women Entrepreneurship – Prospects And Challenges Prof. Sharika Patel & Prof. Nazneen Momin
6. Women Entrepreneurs: Cultural and Ethnic identities in Marketing Mrs. Surekha Rajendra Dhende & Ms Sonu S. Kannaujiya
7. A Matrix Of Gdp And Growth Rate Ofindia And China: A Comparative Study Dr.Ashok D. Wagh & Rathod Kuldeepsingh J.
8. Digital India: A New Vision and a Paperless Governance Culture Miss Sonam R. More & Dr Ashok D. Wagh
9. Banking in the Digital World Mr Raghunath D. Kor
10 Review on Roll of Chemistry Research for the Development of Indigenous Community Pundlik Ware, Kalpana Patankar-Jain, Pradeep Shimpi
11 Malnutrition and Drinking water of the children’s in tribal area in India: Review D.N.Shinde
12 Impact of the Drinking Water Quality for the Tribal area People in India: Review C.L.Patil
13 E- Learning Embedded Tools In Learning Mamagement Systems And Education Vivek Patil & Vinod Rajput
14 Student Exchange Programme: A Strategy for Cultural Exchange Mrs. Susmita S. Mhalunkar
15 Indian National Identity As Reflected In A Suitable Boy Amrapali Aurangabadkar
16 Pablo Neruda’s Odes as Cultural Expressions of Earthly Matter Madhumanti Dasgupta
17 Cultural Hybridity: A Manifestation of Mixed Cultures in Bharati Mukherjee’s The Tiger’s Daughter Sopan Nanasaheb Jadhav & Dr. ShashikantMhalunkar
18 The Study of Cultural Conflicts and Identity Issues in Kiran Desai’s The Inheritance of Loss Siddharth N. Kale
19 Cultural representation of Manjushree Thapa s The Tutor Of History Dipika V. Kolambe
20 Identity Crisis and Spaces of Assimilation in Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni s Oleander Girl- A Novel Narasimha S. Mehetre,
21 Alienated Women Identitiesin Punyakante Wijenaike’s Amulet Deepak G. Nair
22 Female quest for identity in Anita Desai’s ‘Cry the Peacock’ Martina Joseph Raymer,
23 Queer subjectivity and the interrogation of hegemonic masculinity in R. Raj Rao’s The Boyfriend Ms.Padmavati.G.Kadam
24 Gender identity conflict in Volga’s short story, ‘Ayoni ’ Miss Anita Vasant Ubale,
25 Cultural Analysis Of Anita Desai’s Novels Sujata Yelle
26 A Study of Marginalised Voices in Arundhati Roy’s The God of Small Things Jalindar D. Kadu
27 Narrative Techniques In Joseph Conrad’s Novels Dr. Khandekar Surendra Sakharam,
28 Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House -A Significant Study On Marginalized Subjectivity Raghunath Gavali and Rupali Patil
29 The Representation of Cultural Aspects in GithaHariharan’sThe Thousand Faces of Night Mr. Milind A. Surdikar
30 Post –Apartheid identity Crisis in the J.M.Coetzee’s Novel ‘Disgrace’ Mr. Magar Jagdish Mohan
31 Indian Railway and Visual Culture in Gadar (2001), Ijaazat (1988) Mr. and Mrs. Iyer (2002) and Bajrangi Bhaijaan (2015) Shyam Choithani
32 Sexuality: Subversion against Cultural Canons and Taboos Henry Miller’s Tropic of the Cancer Dr.Mahendra Madhav Kamat
33 Cultural Context of Transformative Environmental Humanities Dr. Dinesh Kumar
34 Travel Writing and the Culture of Mobility: A Reading of Bishwanath Ghosh’s Chai Chai: Travels in Places where you Stop but Never Get Off Dr. Pratima Das
35 Healing the Body and Soul: A Study of Triumphant Sexuality in Alice Walker’s By the Light of My Father’s Smile Dr. Sunila Pillai
36 Critical study for development of Cultural and Heritage Tourism of Tribal in Palghar District Dr. Rupvate Raju Llahanu
37 Role of Technology in Tourism Mrs.Namrata Ajit Bhoir
38 मानवी हक्कांच्या उत्क्रांतीचा इतिहास सौ. रसिका राजेश घरत आणि श्री. किशोर आगिवले
39 VRATA: Cultural Heritage or Patriarchal Hegemony? Pallavi Ramane
40 Water Policy of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Dr Suresh Kishan Bhadarge
41 बहुसांस्कृतीकवाद भारतीय व पाश्चात तात्विक दृष्टीकोनातून संजय धर्मदास सोनावणे
42 Identitiy Status And Crisis Mrs.Yogita Sawant
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