Vol. 1 Issue 12 (December)

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0 Cover, Declaration & Contents NMIJMS
01 Ensuring Occupational Safety and Health for Managing Industries in Organized Way: India’s Leading Automobile Manufacturer at a Glance Jagannath Ghosh
02 FDI: An Alarm for Survival of Unorganized Retail Sector Dr. Vishnu Prakash Mishra & Ajeet KumarYadav
03 Problems and Challenges Faced By Unorganised Sectors: An Indian Perspective Nitika Diwaker & Tauffiqu Ahamad
04 Art Womens (Association of Rural Trained Womens): Organising the Unorganised Faisal Akhtar & Asif Akhtar Khan
05 Linking the Unorganized Sector and Safe Public Space for Women Usha Bharti Singh
06 A Study of Linkage between Organised Urban Retail Market and Unorganized Rural Retail Market in India Indal Kumar
07 Child Labor: Status & Its Relationship with the Unorganized Sector in Uttar Pradesh Chaitanya Dev & Sheifali Srivastava
08 Marketing, Branding and Packaging of Products of Unorganised Sector and Its Effect on Impulse Buying In India Sanjay Kumar Yadav, & Anupam Srivastava
09 The Status of Women Workers in the Unorganized Sector Tauffiqu Ahamad, Jitendra Kumar Pandey & Anil Kumar Mishra
10 Women Entrepreneurship in Rural India and Sustainable Economic Development Krishna Mani Tripathi
11 Challenges Faced by Women Fish Vendors in Unorganized Markets: A Case Study Dr. Anitha S. & Ms. Aswathy S S
12 Challenges Faced by Women Fish Vendors in Unorganized Markets: A Case Study Dr. Anitha S. & Ms. Aswathy S S
13 The Unorganized Agro Processing Sector: With Special Reference to Allahabad District Kallan Prasad
14 Women in Informal Sector: Challenges & Strategies Kirti Agrawal
15 To Develop Unorganized Sector is an Important Call for Development of Indian Economy: Dr. Ravindra Tripathi , Nikhil Yadav, Yogesh Arora
16 Socio – Economic Study on Women Street Vendors Nitika Diwakar & Renu Anand
17 Unorganized Indian Agriculture and Food Security Act Surendra Kumar
18 Role, Problems and Challenges of Women Workers in Unorganized Sector Arti, & Dr. Rajesh Kumar Shastri
19 Unorganized Sector: A different sector still treated indifferently Malavika Srivastava
20 Organizing the Human Resource in the Unorganized Sector Monisha Gupta
21 Child and Maternity Care Services of Women in the Unorganized Sector Rajshree Singh
22 Problems, Challenges and Prospective Of Women in Unorganized Sector As Home Based Workers Ramesh Chandra
23 Role of Automobile Industry in Employment Generation in India: An Analysis of TATA Motors and Mahindra & Mahindra Santosh Kumar Maurya
24 A Study of Women Labour in Unorganised Sector- In Indian Perspective Abhishek, Pankaj Tiwari & Arvind Mishra
25 Role of NGOs in Women Empowerment in Uttar Pradesh Abhishek, Manvi Bhargava & Dr. Rajesh Kumar Shastri
26 Social Security for Upliftment of Unorganized Sector: A Relook Dr. Ambalika Sinha & Divya Sharma
27 An Empirical Study on the Status of Women Workers in Unorganized Sector Ms. Lovely Srivastava Dr. Ambalika Sinha, Dr. Ravindra Tripathi & Ms. Geetu Yadav
28 Unorganised Sector and India’s Informal Economy- Challenges And Prospects Pankaj Singh,
29 Purchasing priorities of online users and its impact on offline retailers Dr. Saurabh Mishra
30 Technological Advancement and Unorganized Sector: A study of urban unorganized retail sector in Indian scenario Dr. Kavita Chauhan & Faiz Rehman Abbasi
31 Socio-economic Conditions of Female Beedi Workers in Allahabad District: A Case Study Pankaj Tiwari, Dr. Namrata Parashar
32 Child Labour in Unorganized Sector: Problems and Causes Tauffiqu Ahamad, Danish Pravej & Anam Waqar
33 Child Labour in Unorganized sector in India Nagendra Pratap Bharati, Dr.Rajesh Kesari
34 Comparative Study on Private and Government Hospitals Working In Hyderabad Faimunissa Ahmed Khan, & Arjumand Fatima
35 The Mother of Every Good & Service Sector Geetu Yadav , Dr. Ambalika Sinha & Lovely Srivastava
36 Flexibility in Labour Laws and Mindset of People: Factors Responsible For Child Labour in Unorganised Sector Ravi Prakash Gupta, Prof Vidya Agarwal,
37 Child Labour and Education Mrs. Sangeeta Chauhan Dr. P.K. Astalin
38 “A Study on Financial Inclusion Initiatives Undertaken By Indian Banking Industry” Mr.Harshit Eric Williams & Mr.Azhar Abbas
39 Strategy Lessons for Micro Enterprises in Automotive Component Industry Dr. Sanjeev Arora
40 Effectiveness of MGNREA in Generating Assured Wage Employment and Creation of Durable Assets Ravi Kant Dwivedi,
41 Women Empowerment through Media: An Empirical Study on the Development of Tribals of Rural Bengal. Debasis Mondal, Debotri Chakraborty
42 Role of Education in Women Empowerment: A Case Study on Social Development of the ‘Santal’ of Birbhum District, West Bengal. Debotri Chakraborty, Debasis Mondal
43 Child labour in the Unorganized Sector: Examining the Surrogate Role of MNCs Dr. Feza Tabassum Azmi, Adeeba Irfan
44 A Pragmatic Study of Unorganized Sector in India in context to Banarsee Silk Saree, Madhubani Paintings & Carpet industry Ridhwan-Un-Nissa Dr Pratika Mishra