Vol. 4 Issue 8 (August)

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1 Development of Ghazal since Its Emergence Nomesh N. Meshram
2 Impact of Connected Speech: Functions of Strong and Weak Forms of English Words S. M. Wahiduzzaman
3 Liberty, Fraternity and Equality in Walt Whitman’s Poetry Dr. P. N. Meshram
4 Blending Of Humour & Pathos in Mr. Sampath Dr. Ashish Gupta & Sushma Deshmukh
5. Black-White Relationship in Doris Lessing’s The Grass is Singing A. S. Mundhe
6. Invert-Relationship in On A Muggy Night In Mumbai Babu G, Pariventhan K and Amarnath K R
7 European Language Hegemony in African Society and Culture: A Case Study of Chinua Achebe’s Novel Things Fall Apart. Sunita Kharikap
8 A Study of the Nature of Teaching Methodology in the Context of Developing English Oral Communicative Skills Kishore Ramrao Nikam
9 Reflection of Society in Anita Nair s Novel Ladies Coupe Kadam K.R. & Dr. Gangane A.S.
10 The Echo of Masculinity in Sherlock Merina Henam
11 Diasporic Consciousness and Parsi Identity in Rohinton Mistrys Such A Long Journey Tabish Wani & Rumana Nisar
12. Merchant banking in India: SEBI Regulations on Merchant Bankers Dr. Praveen Ojha
13. Role and Problems of Small - Scale Industries (SSIs) in India Dr. Sawant Waman Vyankatesh
14. Farmer’s Suicides in India Dr. V. S. Kshirsagar
15 Analysis of Mutual Funds as a Tool of Investment in Lucknow City | Dr.Geetika T.Kapoor & Nupur Pandey
16 मैत्रेयी पुश्पा के चाक उपन्यास में अभिव्यक्त स्त्री संवेदना डॉ. संजय जाधव
17 प्राचीन भारत में शैव धर्म की विकास यात्रा डॉ. शुक्ला ओझा
18 खाड़ी देशों से आने वाले सामाजिक उत्प्रवाहों का घरेलू समूहों में प्रभाव का अध्ययन Ish Shakti Singh
19 महाराष्ट्रातील आदिवासी लोककला डॉ. एम. बी. धोंडगे
20 Black Existentialism in Toni Morrison’s the Bluest Eye M.Siva Vidhya
21 Corruption: Nature, Causes & Remedies Dr. R. K. Kale
22 A Study on Government Schemes in Banking Mrs. K. Umamaheswari & Dr. Mrs. M. Jayasudha
23 Blending Of Humour & Pathos in Mr. Sampath Dr. Ashish Gupta & Sushma Deshmukh