Vol. 3 Issue 3 (March)

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1 भारत की गठबंधन सरकारे और राजनितिक विकास डॉ. अनुपम गुप्ता
2 बुन्देली लोकगीतों में नारी विमर्श डॉ. पद्मा शर्मा
3 Myth And Folklore With A Woman’s Perspective In Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni’s ‘The Palace Of Illusion’ Dr. Bishakha Mandal
4 Critical Analysis Of Major Strengths Of Top Six Private Life Insurance Companies Of India Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Singh
5 Elements Of Multiculturalism And Feminism In Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni’s Arranged Marriage Satendra Kumar
6 Impact Of Western Culture And English Language On Indian Culture And Society Dr. Ashish Gupta & Dr. Shweta S. Bajpai
7 Gender Nuance In Anita Desai’s ‘Fasting Feasting’ : A Critical Study Dr. Ashish Gupta
8 ग्राहक चळवळ आणि उद्दिष्ट्ये डॉ. अशोक गोरे
9 Human Resource Practices In Organized And Unorganized Retail Industry In India Garun Kumar Seth, Anit Dubey
10 Understanding Of The Western And Indian Secularism: A Historical Perspective Avaneesh Maurya
11 वामनदादा कर्डक यांच्या लोकशाही संकल्पनेचे विवेचन डॉ. निशिकांत अलटे
12 साइमन कमीशन का दलित्तोथान में योगदान डॉ. अंगंद सिंह दोहरे