Vol. 3 Issue 4 (April)

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0 Full Issue NMIJMS
1 Better Deal For The Better Half Mill And Harriet Taylor On The Subjection Of Women Dr. Ranjana Channa
2 Language And Literature For Human Understanding And World Peace Shailesh T. Bagdane
3 Liberty Of Underprivileged And Awakening Of The Agitation Of Independence - Santali Revolt Sanjoy Sana
4 Tracing Woman In The Period Of Peshwai: A Study Of Ghashiram Kotwal Mr. Aage Krashna Sandipanrao & Dr. Jyoti Rane
5 An Overview On Synthesis Of Some Imines Metal Complexes And Their Biological Activity Jamdhade R. J., Dr. M. S. Gaikwad & Dr. Khade B. C.
6 महाराष्ट्राच्या विकासात महाराष्ट्र औद्योगिक विकास महामंडळाची वाटचाल डॉ. वामन व्यंकटेश सावंत
7 बघेल और मराठा सम्बन्ध : एक अध्ययन डॉ. अनिल कुमार सिन्ह
8 भारतीय दलितों और यूरोपियन यहूदियों की समाज में दशा: आलोचनात्मक विश्लेषण डॉ. उद्धव तुकाराम भंडारे
9 Effect Of Alumina And Graphite Particles On Mechanical Properties Of Al 6063 Matrix Composite By Stir Casting Process Mandeep Singh
10 Analysis Of E-Services On Customer Satisfaction In Banking Industry: A Study Of Selected Public Sector Banks Of India Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Singh
11 Contemporary Kashmir Pashmina Trade Policies & Practices Sanjiv Singh